Advertising medium HOLOCIRCLE

The HOLOCIRCLE is a new, innovative product in display technology. For the average consumer the HOLOCIRCLE can be described as a propeller with integrated LED lights. As soon as it is switched on, the rotor blades of the HOLOCIRCLE rotate at a speed of ten rotations per second, which the human eye can no longer perceive. On your HOLOCIRCLE you can play different types of formats like .mp4 videos, JPEG or GIF files, so that they appear holographic and free-floating in space.

The HOLOCIRCLE can be classified in the field of event and advertising technology and is therefore ideally suited as an advertising medium for a wide range of advertising formats, including advertising, product explanations, logos or animations. The versatility of the device allows it to be used in a wide variety of locations, such as trade fairs, outdoor advertising spaces, railroad stations and airports. In principle, it can be used in all areas where advertising is required.

The HOLOCIRCLE was brought to life by the company EYE SYSTEMS International GmbH from Hamburg. The company has been dealing with LED technologies for quite some time and now provides you with an advertising medium that has never been seen before.


The product is available in 3 different variations, the HOLOCIRCLE 30S, the HOLOCIRCLE 50 and the HOLOCIRCLE 65X. The abbreviations of the variants stand for the rotor diameter of the respective device, so that the products have a span of 30 to 65 centimeters. The different models basically have the same benefits, but can be used for a perfect fit. Further prototypes are also under development. In the future, the HOLOCIRCLE will even be available up to a diameter of 100 centimeters.

The HOLOCIRCLE 30S is the latest development of EYE SYSTEMS International GmbH, which was launched on 01.01.2020. In contrast to the 65X, this one has only two blades, since no additional rotor blades are required for resolutions up to a diameter of 65 centimeters. The special feature of this device is that the 30S is located directly in an acrylic housing and can therefore be used in many different ways. This means that it can be used for your purposes at almost any point of sale. This is particularly suitable for product presentation in conference rooms. Due to its hexagon-shaped acrylic housing, it can be easily integrated into various store and event concepts. It should be noted that the supplied acrylic housing will lose part of the free-floating effect. In order to still guarantee the type of holographic presentation, a high-quality and completely transparent acrylic glass was used.

The HOLORCIRCLE 50 is the first development of the HOLOCIRCLE series. Half a meter was defined as the standard dimension. Based on the basic model the corresponding sizes of the other models have been developed. Thus, the HOLOCIRCLE 30S was produced as a scaled down model to allow for new applications, whereas the HOLOCIRCLE 65X was designed as a medium for larger projects. The “HC50” continues to offer a good alternative to the other two versions and combines both handiness and effect strength. In itself the HC50 is constructed with two rotor blades like the HOLOCIRCLE 30S, but can offer you almost the same size range as the HOLOCIRCLE 65X. The Fifties series is also already available at a manageable price. Like the 30S, it can be used in a square or round acrylic case for product presentation. Therefore, its possible applications range from classic market promotion to window display promotion in your store.

The HOLOCIRCLE 65X is the flagship of the 3 variants, its possible applications extend over a wide area. Unlike the other products in the series, the device has four rotor blades, which are represented by the “X” in the product title. The main fields covered by the 65X range from the classic use at trade fairs to product presentation at company events and the promotion of goods in shopping centers. The demand for this device is the greatest. Nevertheless, it is assumed that the HOLOCIRCLE 30S will become the company’s bestseller in the medium term due to its lower price and more diverse installation options, as more and more medium-sized and small companies discover the product for themselves. 

The 65X has the largest diameter, allowing the product to be presented on a larger display area. The greatest benefit of the 65X is that it can also be connected to other HOLOCIRCLES. Here, several devices are synchronized with each other in a cloud, which can then be set up as one HOLOCIRCLE wall. This means that the devices are synchronized with each other and can thus be used for a display size of 40 square meters. Thus, a wall with 6 by 6 devices can form an advertising space of 16 square meters. Hereby the same effect is produced as with a single device, only to a larger extent. Due to the larger image area, significantly more attention is generated for your product or service and a much higher advertising effect is created.

The 3D technology based on rotors is intended to offer companies a new innovative way of advertising presentation and to make their products look deceptively real. By its brightness and its way of presenting the product or service, it creates an impressive effect on the consumer. Especially young audiences feel more attracted by new, innovative technologies, so that the HOLOCIRCLE offers an excellent alternative to conventional advertising techniques, but does not overwhelm the consumer with stimuli.

Prerequisites for advertising effectiveness

The HOLOCIRCLE is an advanced LED-based solution that uniquely creates 3D-based models in .mp4 video formats into stunning 3D visuals that are perceived by viewers as high-resolution holograms.

The way the HOLOCIRCLE presents the content played on it is done by rotating the blades. Thus your desired content is presented as a three-dimensional hologram. For companies there is the possibility to have the content delivered directly with the HOLOCIRCLE. All that is needed is a concept for the content to be played back afterwards. This software has also been used for movies like “Toy Story” or the dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park”. The viewer is thrilled by a supposedly free-floating object, which gives you and your advertising the attention you deserve!

As soon as the content has been rendered into an .mp4 video based on the 3D model according to the customer’s concept and specifications, this film can be uploaded to the HOLOCIRCLE using an app. The audience perceives the HOLOCIRCLE and the content played on it as a hologram. However, they don’t know that the hologram effect is generated by the rotating rotor blades, which are not visible to the naked eye. Nevertheless, no other advertising instrument offers such an effect so far. The HOLOCIRCLE thus brings a unique innovation in the presentation of products or services to the advertising market.

However, this effect can only be achieved if the prerequisite of specially prepared content is created. Without this content the HOLOCIRCLE cannot be used as an advertising medium. Therefore a short explanation of the content creation.

Content creation – HOLOCIRCLE

When creating content for the HOLOCIRCLE, your company logos can be exported as . eps files or as 3D models of finished products, e.g. a Nutella jar, Coca-Cola bottle or the new Mercedes model. If the customer does not have a finished 3D model, a detailed briefing for the creation of a 3D model is needed to create the basis (3D model) of the content for the HOLOCIRCLE.

The 3D models or . eps files are edited with special 3D programs such as Cinema 4D or 3D Studio Maxx and exported in .mp4 movies (content) after completion. When exporting the .mp4 movie, make sure that the background is always black and white. Otherwise the holographic effect cannot be shown to advantage and does not have the promotional “WOW-effect” of a free-floating hologram, because the LEDs on the surface of the rotor blades only fill the partial areas with light, which contain brightness and contrast values within the video. The black background in the content does not contain contrast values, so the object with contrast values is visible as a free-floating hologram. Also, before exporting the .mp4 film, make sure that the product to be displayed rotates on its own axis within the film to create the illusion (spatial depth) of a free-floating object as a “hologram” for the eye.


Not only does the HOLOCIRCLE generate increased consumer attention, but it also ensures extremely user-friendly installation for single units. All that is needed for installation is electricity and a stable rear construction, so the HOLOCIRCLE can be installed and used almost anywhere.

The HOLOCIRCLE is supplied with the necessary wall mounting plate, mounting accessories and a power supply unit, which allows easy installation without special equipment. The scope of delivery can be extended according to the customer’s wishes by the content created in advance. The HOLOCIRCLE is mounted to the respective surface by means of a wall bracket or can be set up for you at any desired location in connection with a tripod. As soon as the device is supplied with power, the installation is complete – your HOLOCIRCLE is now ready for your advertising purposes!

Now the HOLOCIRCLE can be operated via the corresponding app (CMS) on a terminal device. After successful connection, the device can then be used without any problems. The customer can then upload any .mp4 video to the HOLOCIRCLE, this ensures independent operation.

When installing the HOLOCIRCLE wall, several installation conditions must be taken into account, the nature of the installation wall, the setup of the content, the safety aspects and the background noise caused by the rotating systems. Therefore, more extensive planning work is required in advance and the installation should only be installed and supervised by competent personnel.

The installation of a HOLOCIRCLE wall represents a more extensive process, but the advertising effect is significantly enhanced by the larger hologram product. In summary, the larger the advertising display, the higher the attention generated for your product.

AIDA model in relation to the HOLOCIRCLE

The “AIDA model” can also be applied to the HOLOCIRCLE. By its nature and technology the advertised product or service can be presented in a modern way. The creative way in which the product is presented promotes the interest in buying and the interest in the product.

If a HOLOCIRCLE is used for an advertising campaign, the company can play the respective advertising film, which is then displayed in 3D as a hologram in the room. The consumer’s attention is assured, because at the first moment it is impossible to understand where the free-floating projection comes from, as he has never seen such an application before. Automatically the consumer deals with the shown advertising message. Holograms have so far only existed in films like “Star Wars”. But now they can float in reality in front of your audience, allowing the HOLOCIRCLE to reach the first A of the AIDA model, the consumer’s attention. After that, the film runs, which was produced specifically for the target group your company wants to address. During this film, interested parties are given a more detailed explanation of the product, for example, a new cell phone model is presented with its new functions. By projecting the HOLOCIRCLE, a high level of interest in the offered product is achieved.

Your advertising objective is thus fulfilled, because the customer’s attention and interest are aroused, which leads to increased interest in the advertised product. Here the third stage is covered. Subsequently, the willingness to buy of the customer should be activated in the form of suitable offers, unless the customer has already purchased the product or service out of conviction.

The HOLOCIRCLE thus covers three of the four levels of the “AIDA model”. The actual action of buying the product is then dependent on the sales staff. The HOLOCIRCLE forms a connection between the desire for the product and its sale. It can be seen as a promotional advertising measure and offers a unique alternative to conventional advertising media.

HOLOCIRCLE as a sales promotion measure

The predestined area of application of the HOLOCIRCLE is the field of sales promotion. Sales promotion measures are individual activities which are directly related to the purchase. The main goal is to increase sales and the related turnover. In addition, the aim is to increase awareness of both the products and the company and to generate new customers.

The types of sales promotions include consumer promotion, trade promotion and sales force promotion, whereby different market participants are reached and addressed.

Consumer promotion is aimed directly at the end-consumer and tries to achieve the goal of increasing sales through direct merchandising through short-term or long-term measures. The retail promotion goes from the manufacturer to the retailer. The manufacturer’s aim is to carry out a sales promotion in the retailer’s store so that the retailer can advertise the manufacturer’s products and ultimately add a larger volume to his range. The aim of the sales force promotion is in turn to increase sales activity by rewarding employees or dealers with bonuses if they contribute to increasing sales and achieving the target.

The HOLOCIRCLE can be used here as a medium to boost sales promotion, since its high visual appeal makes it a versatile advertising medium.

So you can use it for almost all kinds of sales promotion. It is particularly suitable for consumer and trade promotion. Here, it contributes a considerable part to the presentation of your products in order to cover the objectives of both types of sales promotion in the end.

The HOLOCIRCLE is also often installed in shop-in-shop concepts, for example in consumer electronics stores. Since in this sales situation several manufacturers offer identical products (Apple and Samsung), they must use original advertising media to stand out from the competition in order to draw attention to their product.

Practical examples and customer references

On the basis of customer orders and their feedback regarding the HOLOCIRCLE, an increase in the level of awareness is clearly apparent. Three practical examples and the corresponding customer references are shown, including a classic case of outdoor advertising, a wall system in a shopping mall and a single device in use at a trade fair.

Amazon used an Outdoor Holo-Wall for their new series “Star Trek: Picard” in the Star Jump. A 1.5 meter by 1.8 meter holo-installation was attached to a highly frequented house facade. The Holo-Wall was embedded into the lettering “Picard”. 2 on 3 HOLOCIRCLE were installed in the form of a wall system. The animation ensured that the letter “A” in the lettering PICARD continuously alternated with the logo of the series. The customer reference turned out to be very positive. The contrast between the static 3D letters and the animated series logo aroused the viewers’ curiosity and interest. The project was shared and spread by passers-by on various social networks without being asked, thus creating a self-running advertising effect. The client was more than enthusiastic and is already planning further similar projects.

In the shopping mall of Hamburg’s Kaisergallerie, a self-standing Holo-Wall was integrated into the already existing Christmas decoration during the Advent season. The 15 devices were mounted in an acrylic case individually manufactured for this purpose, resulting in a 2 meter by 3.50 meter high construction. The Holo-Wall was mainly used to present Christmas animations and the brands of the local companies. The installation was set up in the middle of a corridor, so that passers-by passing by the shopping mall on the outside would most likely perceive the projection inside. The goal of the project was to draw those passers-by into the shopping arcade and automatically confront them with the presented brands. In the feedback discussion, the client emphasized that two of his store operators were extremely impressed with the way their brands were presented. In addition, the passageway frequency was significantly increased.

The HOLOCIRCLE is mainly used as a single installation in trade fair applications. The Swedish technology corporation ABB used the 65X to visually represent a new charging station for buses. A 45 second content was created in advance for the project. In this video the three different types of charging process were shown. This meant that the customer did not have to integrate the bulky charging stations into the trade fair concept and could explain the new systems to his audience using the animations. According to the customer’s statement, the HOLOCIRCLE will definitely continue to be used for such presentations at the trade fair stand in the future, as enormous transport costs for real systems can be avoided in this way. Since then, the HOLOCIRCLE has been a permanent fixture at ABB’s industrial fairs.


Due to the future-oriented, new way of holographic representation in contrast to 2D images, the HOLOCIRCLE is used by technology-affine and future-oriented companies to emphasize their image as an innovative and progressive organization. This way you can declare your leading position in the respective market segment.

The message conveyed by the technology of the HOLOCIRCLE is that your innovative products are combined with an advertising medium that has the character of a trend-oriented future technology. This allows the effect of increasing attention to your products. Furthermore, it is modern and popular to combine holographic applications with a product in a way that has so far only been used in science fiction movies. With the HOLOCIRCLE, your company has a tool to depict a progressive vision of the future, as the expressive, visual effect helps you to present sometimes complicated and highly technological products and contexts more easily.

Today the consumer is confronted daily with about 2000 advertising messages, so the HOLOCIRCLE with its technology can clearly stand out from this extent of stimulus satiation and give you an exposed position in terms of advertising. The HOLOCIRCLE is therefore ideally suited as a visual stimulus for technology companies and can significantly enhance the advertising message of technical products through its own innovative agility.

Can attention be increased with the HOLOCIRCLE?

Using a stand concept that includes the use of HOLOCIRCLE technology, it will be shown how to increase the frequency of visitors to the stand.

Use of 4 HOLOCIRCLE in a booth concept
Use of 4 HOLOCIRCLE in a booth concept
Use of 4 HOLOCIRCLE in a booth concept

In this illustration, four HOLOCIRCLES were integrated into the center of the stand concept, these can be recognized by the four green circles in “Graphic 1”. A more detailed representation can be seen in “Graphic 2” at the bottom right of the figure. The HOLOCIRCLES were intended to be positioned as shown in the illustration to create a 360 degree hologram effect.

For this reason, the systems were attached, back to back, to the aluminum struts that protrude from the ceiling. This is illustrated in “Figure 3”. The HOLOCIRCLE were connected to each other with data cables. This enabled them to present an object from all viewing angles.

Due to the installation method explained above, the Holo installation (eye-catcher) could be seen from all surrounding exhibition aisles and neighboring stands. Visitors were automatically made aware of the booth. This resulted in a significantly increased frequency of visitors to the stand and the visitors were indirectly confronted with the exposed products of this exhibitor. The stand personnel was trained on the technology that leads to increased attention. Thus the increased number of people could be handled.

Further development of the HOLOCIRCLE

For the existing concept of the HOLOCIRCLE, there are already further development possibilities. In the future, the HOLOCIRCLE will also have a gesture control. In this case you can interact with the content individually. Via an infrared camera the gestures of the operator are recorded by means of distance measurement and brought in line with the displayed content. This is done by means of a real-time pixel calculation, which works through a small computer built into the background.

This idea has been further developed so that in the future it will also be possible to control a complete HOLOCIRCLE wall with the gestures. Currently, display sizes of up to 60 square meters are being considered.

In addition, experiments are constantly being carried out on different sizes, formats and the nature of the HOLOCIRCLE. This means that the HOLOCIRCLE will also be included in the product portfolio as a single device up to a size of 100 centimeters. In order to guarantee the quality of the hologram, the device will be equipped with six rotor blades.

Since, according to current understanding, light needs a reflecting surface in order to be refracted in it, further developments in display technology are pending. The aim is to create a projection surface that is intelligent enough to recognize its own position in a room and to optimize the content to the respective viewing angle of the viewer. Thus, in the future, a hologram should inspire the masses without physical boundaries and direct all eyes to your product.


Comparison of HOLOCIRCLE and conventional advertising media

First of all, the HOLOCIRCLE is one of the newest advertising media on the market. It has a special role compared to the conventional advertising media. It can stand out clearly by its special kind of the product presentation from the film radio and television advertisement and within the range of the external advertisement and let conventional means of publicity literally look as. The comparison with the print media and with the media of direct advertising is more difficult. The advantage is that the HOLOCIRCLE as an advertising medium does not have the same effect as the print media, because the latter flood the consumer with their content. The HOLOCIRCLE can present the advertised products more effectively and the potential customer is not confronted with too much information at once. In the field of advertising media, it clearly stands out from these two types of advertising media.

The HOLOCIRCLE can be conceptually assigned to digital media (film radio and television media) and outdoor advertising media. Digital media and outdoor advertising have one thing in common, because all three media work with displays. Nevertheless, the HOLOCIRCLE presents the products in a completely different light due to its new way of presentation as a display. It attracts more attention than the conventional advertising media in this area (LED wall or normal display). These display products only in a 2D format, whereas the HOLOCIRCLE stands out from these by the 3D effect. An investment in the future of your competitiveness, which will pay off in any case!

Thus the HOLOCIRCLE definitely stands out in the event and advertising technology industry as an advertising medium and will expand the scope of outdoor advertising media and digital media. Due to the technological progress of the HOLOCIRCLE, it offers an innovative alternative to conventional advertising media and has already revolutionized the advertising media market.


Particularly young people contribute to the trend of the new innovative advertising media, whereby particularly the technology of the HOLOCIRCLE represents an outstanding extension of the meeting and advertising technology. For example, it offers a special alternative to conventional media used for outdoor advertising and product presentation at trade fairs. Thus, companies can present real installations as holographic projections and present their products to potential customers without having to integrate them into the trade fair concept. Today the concept of outdoor advertising is subject to a technical revolution, a significant increase in attention is the result. The market share of outdoor advertising has increased considerably in recent years. The HOLOCIRCLE is well on the way to take over large segments of this market share or to increase the market share of outdoor advertising. For you as an entrepreneur, the question inevitably arises whether you want to follow the rapid innovation cadence of digitalization and profit from it or fall behind on the market.

The key question can be answered to the extent that the event and advertising technology sector in particular is enriched by this technology and further milestones in the advertising industry are yet to come. On the basis of psychological and physical aspects, which the HOLOCIRCLE brings with it, the advertising effect on people is strongly changed. In their case, increased attention can be observed, which in turn increases the company’s visibility and causes other advertising opportunities to lose attention. Due to these factors, an increased interest in these products or services can be assumed. Conversely, more potential buyers will visit the points of sale to purchase the advertised products or book the service. The economic goal of increasing sales through the advertising medium has thus been achieved.


Upcoming further developments of the HOLOCIRCLE will offer a new way of product presentation. The way in which products can be presented will change completely. At the moment a 3D effect is created, in which the hologram cannot be touched as it is suggested in films. The development in the field of holography already aims at making the holographically created projections touchable, so that the individual parts of the presented products can be better visualized and integrated into proactive presentations in which the presenter interacts with them.

So far, this still presents itself as a great challenge to introduce the technology into reality, but first concepts for realization are still in the works. The future visions of the past may soon become reality. The foreign market has already inquired about using the technology of the HOLOCIRCLE.