HC Acrylic Enclosures The

HC Acrylic Enclosures The

HC Acrylic Enclosures for protection of the HOLOCIRCLE



HC Acrylic Enclosures The


HC Acrylic Enclosures The HC Acrylic Enclosures are designed for protection and they are excellent for placing the HOLOCIRCLE hologram on a pedestal, fixture, counter, etc. in a freestanding position. Due to the transparent design, an HC acrylic enclosure has the advantage that the HOLOCIRCLE hologram can freely unfold inside the enclosure and we can see through the HOLOCIRCLE hologram into the space behind it. We strongly recommend HC acrylic enclosure in terms of safety aspect when the free spinning HOLOCIRCLE can be touched by the viewers, in which the device is not at a safe height or in a closed off area.

Currently HC acrylic housings are available for the following product types:

HOLOCIRCLE 30, HOLOCIRCLE 65X, HOLOCIRCLE 65Xpro, HC holoWALL 2, HC holoWALL 3, HC holoWALL 4 und HC holoWALL 15

Technical details:
Anwendung: (Protection) Box
Abmessungen: 70 x 70 x 20 cm
Gewicht: ca. 2kg
Garantie: 2 Years

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