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Application example: Fachpack 2021

3 x 2 = 6 Stk. HOLOCIRCLE 65Xpro

HC holoWALL 6

Die Synchronisierung von 6 Stk. HOLOCIRCLE 65X oder HOLOCIRCLE 65Xpro.


2 years warranty

maintenance upon request


Rental period: up to 10 days

>10 days on request

HC holoWALL 6


A HC holoWALL 6 is the synchronization of 6 HOLOCIRCLE 65X or HOLOCIRCLE 65Xpro. HOLOCIRCLE 65X oder HOLOCIRCLE 65Xpro.

The HC65X and HC65Xpro products have a diameter of 65cm. During synchronization, the units are each determined as top and bottom units, with a height offset so as not to collide with their rotor blades. The rotor blades overlap to form the top and bottom devices.

This creates a seamless, gap-free hologram that spans 2 units. Currently, a 40sqm seamless, gap-free hologram is possible.

Technical details:
Anwendung: wall-mounted, standing in acrylic, free floating hanging
Auflösung: 2044 x 1534 px
Helligkeit: 1.400 cd/qm
Bildgröße: 158 x 111,5 cm and 111,5 x 158 cm (horizontal / vertical)
Stromspeisung: 6x 24V
Verbrauch: 6x 48W
Dateiformate: .mp4, .jpg
Montage: any (variable Image size/ Resolution)
Garantie: 2 Years

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