smaller 3D Hologram Projector HOLOCIRCLE 30


The entry-level model in our range for shop windows and POS


2 years warranty

maintenance upon request


Rental period: up to 10 days

>>10 days upon request



HOLOCIRCLE is a newly developed type of display technology. A row of dense LEDs on the surface of the rotor blades rotate at a very high speed. The rotor blades can no longer be recognized during rotation with the human eye, so the illusion arises that an object appears to float freely in space as a hologram. The HOLOCIRCLE is often used at trade fairs, market promotions, shopping centers, cinemas, underground trains, airports, hotels, restaurants and many other highly frequented areas.

Technical details:
Anwendung: wall-mounted, standing, portable
Auflösung: 512 x 512 px
Helligkeit: 1.800 cd/qm
Bildgröße: 33 x 33 cm
Farbe: Black
Stromspeisung: 12V
Verbrauch: 24W
Dateiformate: .mp4, .jpg
Zubehör: Tripods must be ordered separately
Garantie: 2 Years

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